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Rainbow Six USP



This is the photograph that has caused some discussion on the HK List as to what kind of HK pistol it is.  It is a promotional photograph from HK, that was then used by Red Storm Entertainment as the catchy cover photo for the excellent computer game Rainbow Six.  (A must have for HK enthusiasts by the way.)  The gun is a garden variety HK USP40.

This series of photographs, this picture and one with the gun being held at low ready were sketched by the renowned SWAT artist Dick Kramer for HK International Training Division artwork in the last few years.   The low ready is offered for sale by Kramer Studios on Dickkramer.com. 

Who is that masked man??  HKPRO recently learned that the man behind the mask is in fact, John T. Meyer, Jr., former Vice President of Sales and Training at Heckler & Koch USA.  The photo was taken in 1992, in preparation for the introduction of the USP to the American market which followed in 1993.

John T. Meyer, Jr.

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