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The HK417
Piston Driven .308 Power
Cal. 7.62mm x 51



HK417 Precision variant prototype, along with 14.5 inch HK416. Note PSG1 style pistol grip. Further refinements are to come before final production.


First look at the new magazine for pre-production HK417.


It was inevitable.  First the product enhancements with the HK416 project, the eventual interest would be geared toward other calibers, and next up is the big brother, 7.62 NATO.  The prototype 417 is the piston driven big brother to the 416 and quite interestingly uses G3 magazines.  Strong, reliable and in plentiful supply, the G3 is an excellent magazine choice for this platform.  The only flaw in this magazine is the lack of a hold-open mechanism.  Alas, it is probably not to be.  HKPRO.COM has learned that production magazines for the HK417 will be made of polymer, and feature a hold-open.

Information remains closely guarded at the time of this writing.

UPDATE: 6.14.2006:  New photographs from AR15FRANCE.COM show the first glimpse of the HK417 and the new polymer magazine that has been developed for it. This magazine shows the G36 lineage.  Absent are the bolts for attaching two magazines together.

AR15FRANCE reports that this is still a preproduction model and the finalized production version is yet to come.  Many thanks to AR15FRANCE.COM for the heads up!

Prototype HK417, carbine variant. This is the first photograph to surface on the Internet. Note G3 magazine and Schmidt & Bender Short Dot scope.