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Cal. 9mm x 19 NATO



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Doomed almost from the year of its introduction to survival in a growingly inhospitable world to its 'evil' features, the SP89 was HK's last attempt to sell a civilianized version of one of their famous full automatics, the MP5K.  Made semiautomatic only by the same rules that allowed importation of the HK90 series, the SP89 was able to be imported for a few years before the furor of 'assault rifles' became the furor of 'assault weapons.' 

The SP89 was banned from further importation by name in a Clinton executive order in 1993.  As with most of the HK90 series, all are still available as 'preban' collector's items, commanding premium prices.  Politicians who saw no difference in the SP89 and TEC-9 for collector interest could care less. 

For a gun that originally sold at about $900, the SP89 commands prices in the range of $3200 at the time of this writing.  Hardly comparable to the TEC-9.

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Decked out in full 'sniper' attire, the SP89 with PSG1 handgrip, but apparently not the PSG1 trigger group.   Also present is a 4X scope usually found on the G3 rifle.  Trigger appears to be standard.  If one really wanted to, the PSG1 trigger group could be added, simply by replacing the .308 ejector with a 9mm ejector, and replacing the rifle strength hammer spring with one used for 9mm rounds.  Practicality might not be the rule, but HK nonetheless provides the versatility to allow the collector to put together a staggering array of configurations.