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HKPRO Members in Action 2

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HKPRO Member Hanns (above) and his friend Brad get busy with USP45s.  Judging by the beautiful timing of the photos, one would have to wonder if the flashes are Photoshop creations, given the luck it takes to nail that.  :-) Careful with that left thumb Hanns!


"Scooter" competes with his P7 at the Steel Challenge 2001


"Doc" competes in an IDPA match with his USP Tactical.  Perfect timing on the photo!


"Kilgore" kneels at the altar of G36K.


"Pinco Palla" shows solid form in mounting his MP5.


"SMGLee" rocks the junkyard with a late but great G41!  This is what "going vertical" is all about!


When I mentioned that having a round of brass in the air is nice for capturing action, RoverDave took me quite seriously!  MP5SBR with Fleming sear.


Member "Jägerhäuptling" during range training with G36.
Any idea where he works?


"HKJay" enjoys a Las Vegas sunset with his registered sear MP5.


"RyanHK21Eowner" with his 21 in steamy summer Florida.  Nice shirt!


Norwegian HKPRO member Vi-king gives new meaning to "breaking the ice" with his HK21E.