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EFL (Flare Launcher)


Emergency Flare Launcher
Cal.  19mm x 36


Notsignalgerät.  (Note-tsigNALger-ate)  The literal German translation is 'Distress Signal Tool.'  It is marketed abroad as the Emergency Flare Launcher or EFL.  With a five shot magazine, the EFL is a handy little flare launcher, quite collectible in the U.S. but like the P2A1, flares are hard to find, and HK does not sell them in the United States.  The 19mm flares reach a height of 65 meters or about 213 feet.  The literature advises that the German Bundeswehr uses it.

Again, Helmut Welde of HK and Fa. Feistel (German abbreviation for firm) are the designers of the EFL, and conceived of it in 1975.

First prototype of the EFL, called the NG19 for Notsignalgerät 19 (see translation above.)  19 stands for the caliber of the flares.  visible on the right photo is the name of co-designer Feistel engraved on the side.