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Book Titles Dedicated Exclusively to HK

Books Dedicated to HK Firearms

There are only seven books that I know of that are exclusively dedicated to HK firearms.  Three of them are in German.   The best by far is "HK- Die Offizielle Geschichte der Oberndorfer Firma Heckler & Koch." (The Official History of the Oberndorf Firm Heckler & Koch.)  This is the most comprehensive work that exists on all aspects of the company.  12/2001:  This book is now available in English from HK USA.

Another is a comprehensive book on the pistols of HK, from the years 1952-1992.   This book  contains the pictures of the company founders that you saw on the main page.  This is the only location that I have been able to find photos of them.

The book on the G11 rifle is called "Die G11 Story, Die Entwicklungsgeschichte einer High Tech Waffe."   A title that translated is "The Developmental History of A High Tech Weapon."  (A curious mixture of English and German.)  It has the most comprehensive photographs of the history of a rifle program that I have ever seen.   It contains engineering schematics of the various prototypes, and details very precisely what took place to make one of the most advanced small arms on the planet.   Too bad it is in technical German.  (Not a problem for our German visitors though.)

The latest English title is "Heckler & Koch, Armorers of the Free World" by Gene Gangarosa, Jr.  It appeared first in 2001, and seems to have several caption errors, but at the time of this writing, I have not had a chance to probe it in depth.

Duncan Long's work filled a void, but is full of editing and typographical errors.  I can always tell on the other HK pages that I have seen when they have used HK Assault Rifle Systems as a source, because when they name the founders, they refer to Alex Seidel as Alexis Seidel.   This is a misprint, and usually makes it to the page as is.  I wrote a comprehensive essay that points out the errors in Long's book on HK assault rifles.   I will include it here in the future.

A must have for HK lovers, especially MP5 owners or fans is Project 64.  Frank James got exceptional access at HK/Oberndorf, and pictures of the first prototypes of the MP5 series.  Frank made sure that an error correction sheet was included with this book.  There are only a few.


"HK --Die Offizielle Geschichte der Oberndorfer Firma Heckler & Koch."  By Manfred Kersten and Walter Schmid.  Verlag Weispfennig, publisher.  ISBN 3-00-005091-4


"Heckler & Koch--Die Pistolen 1952-1992" by Manfred Kersten.  Service K Publishing, Kleve, Germany  ISBN 3-930854-11-2


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"Die G11 Story" by Wolfgang Seel.  Journal Verlag Schwend publisher, Swabisch Hall, Germany 1993.


Gangarosa's "Heckler & Koch -- Armorers of the Free World" Stoeger Publishing ISBN: 0-88317-229-1


"HK Assault Rifle Systems" by Duncan Long.  Desert Publications, El Dorado, AR  71731.   1991
Duncan Long's book above contains many errors that the HK enthusiast should be aware of.  In early 1998, I wrote an essay that points out these errors.


"Project 64":   The MP5 Submachine Gun Story"  by Frank W. James. Gallant/Charger Publications 34249 Camino Capistrano, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624.  ISBN 0-937752-15-0


Not pictured is "HK Handguns," also by Duncan Long and Desert Publications.  This book focuses only on the HK pistols, as does the book above, "HK- Die Pistolen."