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The Grey Room - Photo Tour of the Ultimate HK Collection!!


The Grey Room
The Ultimate HK Collection



There may be someone out there with a private HK collection to match this one.  I don't think so, however.  'The Grey Room' was put together in an attempt to get many of HK's firearms in one location.  I would have to say many and not all, because HK says that this is only a fraction of what HK/Oberndorf manufactures!  The Grey Room is located at the Sterling, VA facility.  Enjoy your tour.  Another first at HKPRO.  Get used to the word 'rare.'  It is used liberally on this page.

Update: 7/2007: This photographic tour is of the old Grey Room in the Sterling, VA facility. HK has reassembled the Grey Room in the new Ashburn facility, but I have not obtained photos of it to share here. I need to get up there!

From top to bottom:  G3A3 with muzzle mounted grenade launcher, G3KA4, G3SG1, HK91A2, Two SR9s.


From top to bottom: G41A2, G41KA3, G36, G36KE, MG36E, and the SL8, not the SL8-1,  The SL8-1 was modified per ATF regs to not accept high capacity magazines. 


Rare 50 round G8 drum magazine mounted on HK11E.  (HK21E with box magazine adapter installed.)  This is a very rare item in the U.S.  Made for the GSG9, the 50 round magazine will fit the G3 and HK91 series rifles as well.


Very rare variant of the MP5SF above, with 10.5 inch barrel and factory flash hider.  Bayonet happens to fit on as well.  No explanation on purpose or quantities for this gun.  Below:  HK94A2 with MP5K vertical foregrip and adapter.


Ultra rare!  One of only two prototype 31 round USP9 magazines in the United States!  Before you get your hopes up, this one is marked "for Law Enforcement or Government use only," and there are no plans for production.

UPDATE 10/04: A limited quantity of these magazines was in fact manufactured  and imported (About 100 or so I believe) and are now for sale and still command upwards of $150, despite not being as rare as first true.


Just because they can is probably the reason that this USP40 has a hunter orange frame.  Other examples in the grey room include clear, and light grey.


Rare prototype variant of the MSG90 made for the Marine Corps, but not adopted.  Called the MSG90 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) They requested iron sights, and a flash hider.  For more information on the DMR see the MSG90 page.


HK23E on rare anti-aircraft mount, complete with anti-aircraft rear sight.


Signal launchers, VP70s, including the VP70M, P9 series and rare variants of the P7 are well represented.  The P7M7 was here but is reportedly back in Germany on loan, but is to return to the grey room.


Three variants of one of the most advanced rifles of all time, the HK G11.  Below left and to immediate left of the bayonet is the internal mechanism from the G11.  In the frame are different prototype caseless rounds, and below the frame is a stripper clip for the 4.73mm caseless round.