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How do you correctly pronounce "Koch"?

How do you correctly pronounce "Koch?"



One of the most frequently asked questions to arise on the HKPRO boards is the correct pronunciation of Theodor Koch's last name.  Most center around "coke" "kotch" or "kock".

In actuality, there are two ways to correctly pronounce Koch.  Let's call them the American version and the German version.  In German, the letters "ch" do not sound like they do in English.  "Church" is not a ch combination that the Germans ever pronounce.  It is more of a chhhh that somewhat sounds like phlegm being summoned from the rear of the throat.

As for the English pronunciation, the correct way is "coke."  Former New York mayor Ed Koch ("Kotch") may have muddied things up, but if you get confused, you can always say, "HK."