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The SL6
Cal. 5.56mm x 45



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Lesser known but very popular in the 1980s in America were the sporting imports from HK.  The SL6 possesses the internals of the HK93, with a four round magazine capacity.  About the only recognizable feature of the SL series is the diopter sighting system.  The guns are still manufactured for European consumption, but for reasons unknown, are no longer imported into the U.S.  Both rifles are equipped with a polygonal bore barrel.

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Full page magazine ad from mid 1980s for the SL6.  Still present is the politically incorrect slogan, "In a world of compromise, some men don't."


HKPRO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Recently submitted by an anonymous contributor in Europe, the first ever photos of a very obscure gun:  The SL6A2.  What is obvious from the photographs submitted, an SL6 with a semi auto and two round burst selector!  I have never heard of this gun before now, and would be interested to hear from any of our European counterparts as to any additional detail they could add about this fascinating piece!


To the casual observer, the only difference between this and an ordinary SL6 is the flash hider at the muzzle.  But upon closer inspection, below is the selector lever--Two shot burst!