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The SL8 Series
The Ugly Cousin of the G36
Cal. 5.56mm x 45



I only state that the SL8 is ugly as a point of comparison to the G36.  If you were double dating with Heidi Klum and Rosie O'Donnell, the comparison might make more sense.  I do not wish to offend any proud owners of the SL8 or SL8-1.  They are simply guns that are designed by ill-conceived laws that legislate guns by appearance.  The function is identical to the G36, but because politicians have decided that folding stocks, pistol grips and flash hiders and for that matter, the color black = assault weapons, what we get is an SL8.  Congratulations to HK for even trying.  They have done a masterful job I think.

The two main photographs of the SL8 shown here are from a German HK catalog, and this version differs from the U.S. import SL8-1 in only one characteristic.  Though the SL8 as pictured will not accept the 30 round G36 magazines and 100 round Beta CMAGs, because of small nubs on the inside of the magazine well that prevent G36 magazines from fitting, the receiver remains unaltered.  On the HKPRO discussion boards, you will see many posts related to vain attempts by SL8-1 owners in the United States to make G36 magazines fit.

You can also see that the stock on the German consumption version is more white than the U.S. grey.

Click here for detailed instructions for complete takedown of the SL8 trigger mechanism.


Prototype versions of the SL8 show a more attractive rifle, both in color and in the shape of the rifle stock, particularly the pistol grip.


Cutaway of G36/SL8 gas piston showing gas port in barrel, vent and op rod.


SL8 with special offered G36 Optic without carrying handle that only appears to be available outside of the United States.  Clearly shown is the non-indented receiver and magazine well that would allow this SL8 to accept the 30 round G36 and 100 round Beta CMAGs.  Eat your heart out American SL8-1 owners.  This is not for you.


The US imported SL8-1 with clearly indented receiver and mag well that is incompatible with high cap G36 mags.