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Universal Selfloading Carbine
Cal. .45 ACP


With the advent of the UMP submachine gun, a renewed interest followed by the private citizenry in the United States of a version of the UMP that could be owned by them.  The Germans gladly accommodated.  The USC or Universal Self loading Carbine is that firearm.  The USC follows the UMP in a number of ways, but then molds to the political winds that prevent it from looking or acting anything like an actual UMP.  However you feel about what laws do to the aesthetic appearance of modern firearms, the USC does not come out looking too bad compared to some of what is out there.

Born of the MP2000, and sharing the polymer technology seemingly perfected in the UMP and G36 series, the USC has the 16 inch barrel made necessary by the National Firearms Act of 1934, the 10 round only magazine of the 1994 Crime Bill, and the non-pistol grip stock required for legal importation, also under the 1994 Crime Bill.  The stock is of a medium gray color.

The UMP, G36 and USC all share a common trend from HK of late, that is making more affordable, yet amazingly reliable firearms, for an appeal to more pocketbooks, both governmental and private.

The UMP and USC had an intial design flaw.  The cocking handle stem, originally made of polymer, was found to break off rather quickly when delivering the characteristic "HK slap" to chamber a round.  A recall quickly followed and the new metal shank cocking handles are proving quite robust.  The new cocking handle is identified by vertical grooves on the rear surface when pointing the gun normally.  Old style levers have a smooth rear surface.

As the SL8-1 does not accept G36 magazines, the USC will not accept UMP magazines.  A number of Weaver rail variations are available for mounting optics and flashlights.  Initial response to the USC appears to be favorable with the American shooting public.

Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Mode of Fire Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lb.) bbl. length (in.) Overall
Length (in.)
.45 ACP NA 10 Semi 2.17 9.75 6.00 16.00 35.43
.45 ACP NA 10 Semi 55.12 248 2.72 406.4 900