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G11 PDW (caseless handgun)


The G11 PDW
Cal. 4.73 x 25 Caseless



Wooden model of the caseless G11PDW


NATO document AC225 dated April 16th, 1989 indicated that there was a requirement for a "Personal Defence Weapon" for the post 2000 period.  As an ancillary project to the G11 rifle, a project was started that at least conceptualized a handgun that fired a smaller caseless projectile than the G11 rifle.  This extremely rare data is reproduced for you here.

The gun was to have been gas operated with a length of 300 mm, a width of 35 mm and a height of 160 mm.  It would have been capable of semi and automatic fire, with a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and an optional 40 round magazine.

Feeding concept for the Caseless PDW
I don't believe that this gun ever actually saw even prototype production.  However, it is a very important chapter in the history of the G11 project.  I think that even with as little as is now known about the new 4.7 x 30 caliber PDW using conventional ammunition, that the requirements for this type of weapon have not changed, and the only major difference in the new PDW and this concept is conventional v. caseless ammunition.