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The P2000
Cal. 9mm x 19, .40 S&W


P2000 showing unique decocking lever.  Apparently this gun will not just be DAO.


UPDATE: 11.30.02:  1000 P2000 GPM (German Police Model) are to be imported into the U.S. for civilian consumption.  This features the LEM trigger mechanism mentioned below.  A modified U.S. version is slated for full series production in the spring of 2003.

UPDATE: 01.13.01:  This gun has now been featured in the major German firearms periodicals DWJ and Visier.  Several photos from the DWJ article are featured here. 

UPDATE:  11.26.00:  HKPRO has obtained a first color photo of the new P2000, still in prototype stage.  (This example is serial number 000004.)  Shot from the right side, the most obvious feature of this new pistol is the ambidextrous slide release, allowing left handed shooters to use their thumb to release the slide.  This innovation nearly a first; for though many gunmakers have sought to make their pistols more friendly to southpaws, with ambidextrous or switchable magazine releases it has only been done before on the Brno CZ85.   Reportedly, the P2000 magazines are NOT interchangeable with the USP Compact series.  Too bad.

Concurrent with this news is a press release from HK-USA outlining the new Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) trigger for the USP series, that is also applicable to this new handgun.  It will also be available in DA/SA, with a uniquely located decocking lever, to the left of the hammer.

HKPRO is again the world leader (shameless!) with news on the latest handgun from Heckler & Koch.  Touted as a truly ambidextrous pistol,  the P2000 has a modular changeable grip frame reminiscent of the Walther P99.  Information that I have on this pistol says that it was developed especially for the small hands of female police officers.    These are the only pictures available of the P2000 at this time.  It apparently takes magazines similar to if not the same as USP Compact magazines, has the USP magazine release, and accepts the UTL.   It is also reported that the production version of this gun will be called the P20.

Largely similar to the USP Compact in appearance, this gun reportedly has the new "LEM" trigger, (Law Enforcement Modification) a slick new DAO trigger that was requested for the INS USP Compact order and is slicker than snot.  (HKPRO recently tried the LEM trigger, with a four pound weight. --  WOW!  It really is amazing.)  DAO fans will love it as being the best thing since canned beer.  I personally prefer DA/SA guns for follow up accuracy, but I have never felt a smoother or lighter DAO trigger.

Stay tuned for more details about this latest handgun from HK.  You will find them first at HKPRO!

CaliberCyclic RateMag CapacityModes of FireWidth (in/mm)Height (in/mm)Weight (lb/kg)bbl. length (in/mm)Overall
Length (in/mm)
9 x 19NA10/13Semi1.345.041.373.627.00
9 x 19NA10/13Semi34128.6292178