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The UMP 
Cal. 45 ACP/.40 S&W
9mm x 19


Striking photo of UMP45 being fired with the new Surefire M900 Vertical Foregrip.  Photo by Paul Kim.


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Newest on the HK scene is the UMP Submachine Gun.  Little brother to the G36 in design, the UMP is the latest attempt by HK to produce more affordable, yet still sophisticated weapons designs.  The UMP is in the $850 area for Law Enforcement.  The folding stock and largely plastic frame and internal parts rely heavily on G36 design.  UMP stands for Universal Machinenpistole, a name inspired undoubtedly by the USP series.

The gun features a straight blowback design that fires from a closed bolt for excellent first shot accuracy.  The gun is currently available with an ambidextrous 'Navy' trigger group featuring safe-semi-full automatic fire, and plans are for a safe-semi-two shot burst only and semi automatic only groups as well.

The magazines that are available hold 10 or 25 rounds of 45 ACP ammunition.  Advertised cyclic rates are 580 rpm with 230 grain ball, and 700 rpm with 185 grain +P ammunition.

In .40 caliber and 9mm, the UMP magazines hold 30 rounds.  The .40 caliber UMP is for sale in the United States.  At this writing, it is unknown if/when the 9mm model will be imported into the U.S.

One of the greatest features of the largely polymer design is the weight, or lack of it.  The UMP only weighs 4.63 pounds empty!

Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Mode of Fire Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lb.) bbl. length (in.) Overall
Length (in.)
9mm x 19 600 30 S/2/F 2.5 10.94 4.63 7.87 27.17
9mm x 19 600 30 S/2/F 63.5 278 2.10 200 600
.40 S&W 600 30 S/2/F 2.5 11.93 4.63 7.87 27.17
.40 S&W 600 30 S/2/F 63.5 303 2.10 200 600
.45 ACP 600 25 S/2/F 2.5 12.83 4.93 7.87 27.17
.45 ACP 600 25 S/2/F 63.5 326 2.20 200 600

The newest UMP, in 9mm x 19.  Note curved magazine.


UMP in 9mm showing hard points for mounting Weaver rails.  There has been some speculation that the introduction of the 9mm UMP signals an end to the world standard MP5.

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The UMP is capable of mounting accessories with new integrated rail system that will soon be available for the roller locked HK guns.  Shown here is the new Brϋgger and Thomet suppressor, manufactured in Switzerland and featuring the new quick mount that uses the newly designed muzzle flange on the UMP barrel.  Gone is the three lug design of the MP5 series.

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umpboltopen.jpg (4866 bytes) The bolt on the UMP locks open after the last round is fired, in keeping with the American desire for this feature.