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HK In Action: Princess Gate



The Iranian Embassy Rescue  London, England



The following images are from the SAS assault on the Iranian Embassy in London, England, May 5, 1980.  This incident did more than any other to put the MP5 on the map as the preeminent arm for the "elite" teams.  The British Special Air Service made its reputation on this incident, a solid success when it came to making a statement as to the rewards of terrorist hostage taking.  Notice the large flashlights mounted on HK scope mounts.   (Before SureFire forearm mounted flashlights.)  They fought CQB style, with stocks retracted, due to the high degree of difficulty getting good sight pictures with gas masks on. 

The image below is from the 22nd SAS and outlines what the operation was called, with a brief summation of the aftermath.  After Princess Gate, and with the movie based on it called "The Final Option," the MP5 was forever ingrained on the consciousness of the world as the de rigeur arm of the counterterror operator.

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