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MP5/10 & 40 Series

The MP5/10 & MP5/40
The First MP5s of a different Caliber
Cal. 10mm Auto/.40 S&W


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The MP5/10 was the first attempt by HK to manufacture the MP5 in a more powerful caliber than 9mm.  10mm Auto, also called the Centimeter, is one hot caliber.  At the time of the request for this new caliber, the FBI was hot on this cartridge, since the .40 Smith & Wesson had not yet been invented.  It was the FBI that provided the substantial financial motivation for HK to retool for the more powerful caliber.  FBI has about 1,400 of these MP5s in inventory, but aside from them, the 10mm MP5 has been eclipsed by the sale of the much more popular MP5/40.

In a concession to American preference, a bolt hold open device was added.  The model above was photographed with the early translucent magazines reminiscent of the new G36 series magazines.  MP5/10 and MP5/40 magazines are now light blue polymer, or flat black, and are not transparent.

HKPRO is a big fan of Tom Clancy, who is a big fan of HK.  I was so disappointed when reading Rainbow Six, and Clancy's referral to the MP5/10 as the MP-10.  It is still correctly called the MP5 or MP5/10, not MP-10 as in Rainbow Six.  A small price to pay for the greatness of Clancy's work.   Likewise, the MP5/40 is often referred to incorrectly as the MP-40.  That is the name of a WWII era German submachine gun of completely different lineage.

UPDATE:  These guns are now discontinued, but will be supported with parts and service.  The advent of the UMP has supplanted the market for these guns, and it will be available at least in .40 caliber in addition to .45 but probably not 10mm, due to the direction of the market away from this caliber.


Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Mode of Fire Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lb.) bbl. length (in.) Overall
Length (in.)
.40 S&W 800 30 S/2/3/F 1.96 8.26 5.88 8.85 26.77
Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Mode of Fire Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lb.) bbl. length (in.) Overall
Length (in.)
10mm Auto 800 30 S/2/3/F 1.96 8.26 5.88 8.85 26.77


mp510close.jpg (28089 bytes)
Detail of the MP5/10 bolt hold open device.  Ask and ye shall receive.  The FBI wanted last round bolt hold open.  Order more than 1000 MP5s, and HK will do what you want too!

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Early MP5/10 Magazines were translucent, and had studs for attaching the magazines together without a magazine clamp.  This idea was abandoned on the 10mm and .40 cal guns, but remains on the G36 magazines.

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mp5-10proto.jpg (24765 bytes)
MP5/10 early prototype with unusual grey finish, and three round burst trigger group with unusual alpha markings.

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