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.30 caliber SL8 Variant
Caliber 7.62 x 37


HKPRO presents the first look at the latest from the engineering team at Heckler & Koch.  The SL9 SD is a .30 caliber variant of the SL8 civilian legal sporting rifle, and a further foray for the Oberndorf team into the experimentation with proprietary new calibers.

This new caliber, metric designation 7.62 x 37 is a cartridge designed to be subsonic from the muzzle, and specs indicate an aural signature in the area of 100dB!

The SL9 SD retains the primary mechanism of the smaller caliber SL8, with a sound suppressor or in the German, Schalldämpfer (SD) manufactured by the Swiss firm Brugger and Thomet.

Also like the SL8, the SL9SD retains the 10 round capacity, and appears from the photo to have some type of advanced trigger for precision, as evidenced by the trigger shoe.  Black in color unlike their more civilian friendly cousins, the SL9SD also sports a G36K forearm, and American made Harris bipod.  For pure aesthetics, it could use the shorter G36C sight rails, as the long SL8 rail serves no purpose at the front end of the rifle.

Overall length:  1150 mm/45.28 in.
Overall height with scope:  270mm/10.63 in.
Total width:  58mm/2.29 in.
Weight with suppressor:  4.60 kg./10.14 lb.

While this will surely instigate breathless anticipation of an SL8 variant in this caliber, there has been no such information from HK at this time, and should not be inferred.