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The HK G3SG/1
G3 Sniper Variant for the Bundeswehr
Cal. 7.62 x 51 NATO


The G3SG/1 is a sniper enhanced variant of the G3 rifle that was made at the request of the Deutsche Bundeswehr (German Army).   It most closely resembles the G3 rifle, and retains almost all of the standard features.  The differences are not readily visible to the eye.  The barrels are hand picked for accuracy, and the standard buttstock has a slightly adjustable cheekpiece.

The G3SG/1 (SG stands for Scharfschützengewehr or sharp shooting rifle) has one of the most interesting trigger groups ever designed by HK.  (See below)  This is a trigger that combines the ability to "set" the trigger by pushing the button behind the trigger to the rear when in the semi-auto mode to give the firer the best trigger pull available from an HK rifle in this genre.  This trigger when in set mode, is lighter and more crisp than the PSG1 trigger group.  Further, and quite surprising, is the addition of full automatic capability on top of everything else.  This appears to be a rifle designed to cover all contingencies.  This trigger group is even more like a Swiss watch inside than even the ambidextrous burst groups.  Quite a few of these rifles were imported by Class Three Supply and others several years ago, both as pre and post 86 dealer samples.  They came in green wooden cases.


Close up of the G3SG/1 Set trigger group.  The button behind the trigger is used to "set" the trigger when in semi auto mode, and allows the gun to then be fired with a trigger pull of about one lb.