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This is my first HK pistol. Finally moved up to the big leagues. I welcome any and all advice on how to further enhance the weapon. I'm also happy to answer any questions.
Steyr U.N.-D119 Bullpup Precision .30 Carbine
H.K. Pro Precision Bullpup Rifle
HK416 10.4” clone (legit 10.4” 416 complete upper on MR complete lower, RAL8000 Cerakote done by me)
Our “pre-May” HK machineguns.
My 416. Genuine 14.5” p/w HK416 Complete Upper receiver on 416 clone lower (BRN-4). AG date, Geiselle MR trigger. MR safety selector, KAC ambi mag release, rest of the lower parts are genuine 416. 416 bayonet, Olight flashlight, Trijicon 1-8 FFP LPVO.
Tactical Lower Reciever Assembly
Just Converted my Stainless Compact 40 to LH V2 Pictures to come of twin holsters