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4 year long quest to get my 416 as close to authentic as possible
Broke the vice when trying to remove the original flash hider. After few days of trying, finally. She is looking good with that oss, isn’t she? (Is a gun he or she?)
My H&K Collection....(and 1 clone)
Putting the B&T SQD RBS on SP5K PDW today. It is so sexy.
Don't have a use for this stock since i can't afford an HK91 lol
Heckler & Koch MP5 A3 Navy Lower 9mm
SL8 TO G36 CONVERSION Completed by Tommybuilt
11" MR223A3 pistol from AU
This is my first HK pistol. Finally moved up to the big leagues. I welcome any and all advice on how to further enhance the weapon. I'm also happy to answer any questions.
HK416 10.4” clone (legit 10.4” 416 complete upper on MR complete lower, RAL8000 Cerakote done by me)
Our “pre-May” HK machineguns.
My 416. Genuine 14.5” p/w HK416 Complete Upper receiver on 416 clone lower (BRN-4). AG date, Geiselle MR trigger. MR safety selector, KAC ambi mag release, rest of the lower parts are genuine 416. 416 bayonet, Olight flashlight, Trijicon 1-8 FFP LPVO.
Tactical Lower Reciever Assembly
Just Converted my Stainless Compact 40 to LH V2 Pictures to come of twin holsters