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  1. BRN-416 Markings

    Just picked up a BRN-4 lower from Brownells and plan to have it laser engraved to somewhat match HK's normal looks (shocker, I know). My question is, what's the difference between marking the lower as just a 416 v. a 416D, and which would be more applicable to my case? Assuming I proceed with...
  2. Hk mp5 clone engraving marking files

    Does anyone have the engraving artwork or fonts used for the proper MP5 Markings (Cal. 9mm x 19) and the Made in W-Germany HK logo Chantilly, VA I believe is accurate. Thank you!
  3. HK 416 Select Fire Pictogram Engraving Files

    HK416 and HK417 HQ
    I've searched a bunch and can't seem to find anyone who has posted the pictogram markings for Safe, Semi, FA for the 416 clone guys to engrave with. Any help here? Thank you!
  4. PTR91 with HK Furniture (And now with HK Bipod & carry handle)

    Just got carry handle and bipod for my PTR 91 MSG with HK furniture from RobertRTG. Looks great and great pricing, especially compared to some of the sites selling bipods for a few hundred.
  5. odd clone configuration and cant find info

    hello I am new to this forum and to the G3 platform … I live in a state that heavily restricts guns so its a pain to acquire legal rifles like the G3 … I have recently bought a G3 sporter carbine .. it was assembled by federal arms .. model from them is FA91 … my point to all this is that it...
  6. How to Color Fill on HK416?

    HK416 and HK417 HQ
    I've sent off my 80% clone lower to be engraved by Atomic Engraving, but this leaves me with a burning question. How would you go about color filling the HK markings? They are quite shallow. Would the same old method of model paint combined with nonacetone nail polish remover work? Would the...
  7. HK 416D AF Anodize or Cerakote?

    HK416 and HK417 HQ
    I'm working on an HK416D clone build (Love the picture I attached, and I want mine to look like it!). I have almost all the parts for the build still waiting for things to ship. I just wanted to know what the HK factory did with their lowers. Do they simply type 3 anodize them or do they use...
  8. What is a good price for a paddle magazine release install?

    I recently received my PTR build C93 from Bud's and picked up a paddle mag release kit from RobertRTG. I am not really comfortable doing the install myself. I see that Brethren Arms offers it for $225, anyone have experience with them. Also is there anyone who will do it for cheaper, but also...
  9. -->Calling all builders!<-- Some questions before starting my first clone project.

    -->Calling all builders!<-- Some questions before starting my first clone project. So I'm almost ready to start my pistol clone build. I have done more reading on this than I did in college :100000: , but I still have some questions/ideas I wanted to throw out here before getting started...
  10. Why Clone and chances of full sized SP5

    Ok I have several things to discuss/ask here. I unfortunately am back on the mp5 train. A couple years ago I had two Special Weapons clone uppers in my hands and sold them before shooting them. Was not impressed with the quality. However these Zenith MKE's look to be dang good guns. I have a...
  11. hk94 receiver questions

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum, I'm currently looking for a stripped upper receiver, I've been watching gunbroker and I've contacted IGF as well as a few other people and Atlantic is currently sold out but who know when more will come in (banging head against wall for not buying one as soon as i...
  12. Newbi here please help PTR 91 GI

    Hey guys names Doc, I am thinking about getting my first rifle,the research Ive done I want to get a PTR 91 GI. I want to upgrade it as well. After looking at the upgrades I want it seems i should just build one instead of buying a stock model and buying the upgrades on top of it. when i say...
  13. Omega 9 A3 Rifle Review

    Atlantic Firearms
    Hey all, Long time lurker; first time poster. I wanted to give everyone my 2 cents on the Omega line that is being sold through Atlantic Firearms. I went with the "A3 style" rifle that is being offered for $1999. I spoke with Blaine @ Atlantic and had a nice discussion with him about the...
  14. My G36K clone

    Hi folks, I'm mostly a lurker, but I've come out of my shell a bit lately. I wanted to show off my newest clone I purchased recently. I've been on a kick to get fairly set with my NFA items before 41F becomes effective. It'll just be too much hassle (and probably too many questions) if my wife...
  15. Carry case for MP5 clone pistol

    Hi! Just joined, so thank you and looking forward to many talks about HK and clones :) I did a search to see if it was already asked but did not see anything (might be user error) I have a POF-5 mp5 clone pistol and I'm looking for a semi discrete carry bag for it. Something that I can throw in...
  16. Cocking Tube Bevel?

    Anyone know what size tool is used to create the bevel on the cocking tube ring where the support detent latches? Like in this picture Thanks
  17. BT96 (MP5) mag catch issue

    Hey there! I just entered the World of the MP5 type weapon by purchasing a BT96 (basically an MKE) MP5 clone. Unfortunately I was not too lucky with it. p.S. please excuse my English. It's not my native language. My Problem: I can tilt a locked-in-position magazine forward which then...
  18. Fun USP Match Compact .40SW inprogress

    i thought i share my fun USP match clone, but in Compact form. Just something fun, different. I made a couple full sized clones, but never seen anyone make a compact/mini match clone. So i went on my merry way and got a clone match weight from IMMholding on eBay/gunbroker. These weight are very...
  19. Helpful info about the G36 family of rifles.

    Giving some helpful info about the G36.
  20. USP .40 Match compensator

    I am about to commit the taboo and build a Match USP in .40sw. I have the trigger, and barrel figured out. The issue at hand is finding a factory compensatory that isn't $800. There are some unengraved look alikes on eBay, but I want it engraved to be identical. I found an airsoft company that...