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  1. HK Customer Service
    A shout out to great customer service from HK this week. I sent a pistol to them for LEM install and night sights. Dropped the pistol at Fedex Monday, got a call Wednesday saying it was done and ready to be returned. I was originally told a 2 to 3 week wait. The customer service rep Beth S...
  2. HK Customer Service
    Recently had two very favorable experiences with HK Customer Service. 1) HK45c backstrap was loose and making clicking sounds. Since it is a small issue, I expected HKCS to ask me to send in my old one before they sent me a replacement. When I called, they shipped one out to me right away...
    Hey y'all, new to HKPro. I just picked up a new USP Compact V1 in 9mm, as a sort of late Christmas gift to myself. It was a gun that I always wanted and I am very happy about finally owning it! However... I took it shooting at the range I purchased it from, and right off the bat, the brass was...
  4. HK Customer Service
    The guys in the handgun section thought I should post this here also: Has anyone else seen this happen? After going to the range and being worried how my PTR-91 was going to run (Flawlessly BTW), I never once considered I would have problems with my "real" H&K. It’s a USP 40 full size. I was...
    Recently (I'm sure as many of you are aware by now) that certain HK pistols have become available in Mass.. (USP Full size 40, USP Compact 40c, P2k 357 sig,, P2k sk *357 sig only* I'm sad to say however when I got word from Carl today of Four Season's that HK goofed the order and sent him 5...
  6. HK TALK
    I sent my USP Compact .45 to H&K in Georgia for an LEM trigger. Each and every step of their customer service was first class, just like their guns!
1-6 of 7 Results