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  1. Hk mp5 clone engraving marking files

    Does anyone have the engraving artwork or fonts used for the proper MP5 Markings (Cal. 9mm x 19) and the Made in W-Germany HK logo Chantilly, VA I believe is accurate. Thank you!
  2. HK 416 Select Fire Pictogram Engraving Files

    HK416 and HK417 HQ
    I've searched a bunch and can't seem to find anyone who has posted the pictogram markings for Safe, Semi, FA for the 416 clone guys to engrave with. Any help here? Thank you!
  3. Bad engraving FIXED and better than ever

    Hi everyone, I wanted to post this information for some time and haven't had the opportunity to do so but better late than never. In brief, I had a locally recommended engraver attempt to put my approved Form I mandated engraving on my USC/UMP with the name of my trust and locality. What I...
  4. NFA engravers in NOVA area?

    All, I have some NFA engraving work that needs to be done in the NOVA area. Does anyone know of someone who does quality work (sloppy work would bother me each and EVERY time I saw it)? Thanks Chris ikeman96