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  1. KCI USA
    20 round MP5 magazines, used extensively at several shooting ranges: Machine Gun Vegas, Battlefield Vegas, Discount Firearms Range, The Range 702 and Green Valley Range. Please visit our homepage Thank you.
  2. Alien Gear Holsters
    This Veterans Day, Alien Gear Holsters would like to honor our esteemed service members by giving away 10 premium holsters to our nation’s heroes. If you are a veteran, or know a veteran in need, simply fill out the information below to enter. We will be accepting entries from now until 7pm EST...
  3. HK TALK
    A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, so what is an HK? Heckler and Koch! No... What I want to know is "What makes an HK, an HK?" Not the fact that is has the HK name. Not the fact that it has the stagg horn proof. Not the fact that it is what it is. The iconic MP5 A3 stock...
1-3 of 18 Results