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    Does anyone have the "recipe" to get a HK Black like finish that's authentic looking like the factory HK black powder coat using Cerakote H series? I'm trying to also find the right hardener ratio to get the satin finish seen o the HK long guns and SBRs.
    Hi everyone, I recently traded somebody my P2000 for his P30. The P30 is super clean everywhere but the trigger bar. The bar looks like someone took a razor blade and scratched it all up. When I take off the slide, I can see the slide makes contact with the bar. Is that normal? I did not...
  3. HK-USA Shooting Team Announcements
    HK Shooting Team raised the standard after a trip to the 2011 Georgia USPSA Championship with a win and Top 5 placing. All four members of the HK Shooting Team competed in the match this past weekend, September 9-10 at the Cherokee Gun Club in Gainseville, GA along side a field of 207 other...
1-3 of 4 Results