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  1. USP sight install help please

    Are the sight dovetails tapered on the full size USP, and by that I mean do the sights have to come off and go back on in any particular direction? I'm ordered a set of adjustable night sights and plan on putting them on this week. I've done my own sight install on my VP9s but this is my first...
  2. Match Trigger Install

    HK Customer Service
    Quick question. Just got lucky enough to pick up a match trigger kit to drop into my .45 USP. I would like to do this install myself, however, I can't help but be a little worried. From what I've read, this doesn't sound too difficult. I live in WA and don't want to have to ship my gun out. It's...
  3. 2 Henie Sight Installs...wanted to run this by you

    I have a new USP9SD with the factory raised and rear adjustable and new USP9C with the factory 3-dots. Neither are bad sights but I shoot the Straight Eight like a boss compared to them, so I broke down and I ordered Heinie Straight Eights for both (the raised version for the USP9SD and the...