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  1. WTS-HK MR 556: Geissele rail, Tac-Con 3rd position trigger, extra barrel, EoTech EXPS

    Hi guys. Chris from Rochester NY here. I'm selling this safe queen due to non use. Since I became involved in 3 gun, I haven't shot this rifle in over 2 years. As you can see in pictures it has very little use. The stock barrel may have 100 rounds and the shorter barrel may have 200 if...
  2. PTR 91 A3R Scope Options

    Hey Everyone, New guy here. So I've been shopping around for a .308 battle rifle as an all purpose/shtf weapon for a little while now. I just stumbled across the PTR's the other day and these look like the most promising combo of reliability, accuracy, and price. The best looking one to me...
  3. Looking for some Stock advice and adapter questions for HK-AR Lowers

    I posted this in the noobies forum and then thought probably not the best place to put it to get some complete answers, though I did get one that was pretty handy, I am not inclined to modify the weapons myself as I am always worried I'll break an expensive piece and have to basically buy the...
  4. GI Mags for Magpul Mags

    HK416 and HK417 HQ
    Not sure where to post this request as this is not exactly an HK parts request even though I believe these mags work in the 416. Anyone know of anyone or anyplace that would be willing to trade Magpul mags for brand new GI 30rd mags. I have 30 brand new still in wrapper and would be willing to...