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    So here were are in mid 2022, and all the mag options for the Mp5 have gotten EXPENSIVE. I went to order some KCI 30 rd mags only to see they are now $50 a pop! Is this still a good route to go or should I be looking at other options or even just HK brand mags at that price point? If only I...
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    EDIT 6/4 - This offer is no longer valid. I've started moving out of my shop and I don't have all the equipment setup for Cerakote anymore. Maybe sometime in the future I'll get a shop setup again. I have some Graphite Black Cerakote that needs to be used before it goes to waste… Members who...
    So I'm thinking of getting my factory HK SP5K / MP5 mags coated, since I've had one that was a bit rusted lately (I grabbed an old penny and got it fixed quickly), and I would like for them to have a more durable and rust-proof finish. I've never had this problem at all with any other HK...
1-3 of 3 Results