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  1. My MR223A3

  2. Vendor Deals
    11/1/2022 - as many of you have heard, ATF with help from HK-USA have killed the import of MR223s as pistols. 10/5/2022 - Hearing strange reports that imports are being held up by ATF. I've heard from two sources that their 11" and 14.5" are behind delayed by ATF. They're not being denied nor...
  3. HK416 and HK417 HQ
    I've seen a few listing on gunbroker for MR223 (in RAL-8000). Did a small batch come in through some special arrangement? I heard some black 223s came in through Arms Unlimited before I started collecting HK stuff. Just trying to get educated on the market I'm still sort of new here
  4. HK416 and HK417 HQ
    Hey folks, I recently got my MR223A3 and had previously ordered a Midwest Industries M-Lok handguard for it already (HK416/MR556 Handguard, M-LOK(TM) Compatible, 13.5-inch). I did not want to deal with the weird proprietary HKey mounting system, as all my accessories so far are M-LOK. After I...
1-4 of 4 Results