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    Hello all, I’m a long time shooter that recently got bit by the HK and suppressor bug. Just paid for my 1st suppressor 2 days ago(here’s to not getting banned). I got talked out of a MK23 and purchased a USP45T. Part of me wants both and then decide from there. That’s when I saw a MK23 on...
    Hey Y'all, just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a long time lurker of this and other hk forums, and figured I might as well make an acct. I'm currently collecting parts for an mp5sd build, hopefully I'll be done before it's illegal to do so.
    Hey guys, just snatched up a mint C93 for $620 from a pawn shop online. I've always wanted an HK style rifle, but college budgets don't lend themselves well to originals or anything 7.62 x 51. I DO have some money saved up for accessories, and I was hoping to install a wood stock and a new hand...
    Hi all, Just wanted to do a brief intro and offer something to the community. FFL and Gun guy in Socal with a love for all manufacturers of quality built firearms. Owner of a few H&K's and some fond memories of select fire subguns in Vegas. Speaking of Las Vegas I will be at SHOT Show if...
1-4 of 4 Results