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  1. G36C Project- SL8 - G36C TBT conversion

    Started as 2021 CA date coded SL8-6, SBR'd Rear Fuse Conversion/Remarking by Tom Bostic (tommybuilt tactical) -HK OEM G36C barrel, PD trade in from Gatewood, in surprisingly excellent condition -OSS 15x1RH muzzle brake for HX-QD556 -HK C Handguard, removed heatshield to allow fitment of OSS...
    So I bought this suppressor for my MR 762 because it seemed the most logical choice for the rifle, as well as it is what is used on the CSASS/SDMR in the military. Does anyone currently have one that they use on their MR 762? What are your opinions on the subject? Did I make a good purchase on...
1-2 of 2 Results