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    When hard-chroming a P7, are the gas cylinder and piston plated as well, or are the tolerances too tight? And for the inner parts, is it better to leave them out, or to plate them as well? Rust is not an issue here, and when something is plated there is no more polishing or anything else that...
    This is a high wear common repair & replacement item. The gas rings are prone to periodic breakage & wear, tear and require them to be replaced periodically. These are the one of the most common breakage parts we see that needs to be replaced on these weapons systems. A great spare to have on...
  3. HK416 and HK417 HQ
    does any 416-mr223 owner knows if its normal that after firing 50 rounds with a new out of the box mr223 the chorme plated piston coms of the small top of the piston is this normal i was shooting factory magtech 223 55 gr
1-3 of 3 Results