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    Good morning. I finally got my dream gun (well a clone of it at least lol). I got the PTR 9CT. I also ordered the HK safe and semi trigger housing (with the pack in it) that has the markings for safe semi, burst, and auto. I dremeled it like was said to on here and finally got it to fit. Pin...
    We have been testing the new PTR 9CT pistols in semi and full auto . Installed a NFA Sear pack and running Wolf steel cased ammo and thus far they are running like a champ. The PTR 9 series of pistols comes with a factory installed Full auto bolt thus making an ideal set up for NFA Sear pack...
  3. Atlantic Firearms
    PTR 91 released their PTR 9 mm Roller lock operating system pistol series. The PTR 9CT sports a Nitride treated 8.86" barrel with a 3 Lug & 1/2 x 28 threads for mounting muzzle devices or suppressors . Each pistol is built with a full auto bolt carrier and ready to be used with your NFA Auto...
1-3 of 3 Results