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  1. PTR 91 Inc. New Website, No Specific Ammo Disclaimer

    It's almost as if they've adopted an HKPRO or HK theme (black, red, and white)! It looks better except for their company logo, which is pretty cluttered and lame. I don't get the point of the scorpion either. When I think of a scorpion I think of a stinger or small caliber weapon. They should...
  2. PTR-91 in Tactical Gear 2005 - Compliments of TCR39

    TCR39 sent me this article to scan and post - so credit goes to him. He also sent me a Shotgun News review which covers the PTR91 rifles with 10 flutes and goes into much more detail, which I will be posting shortly. Thanks for your patience TCR39. This is from when PTR-91 Inc. was still J.L.D...