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recoil spring

  1. Reassembling recoil guide spring assembly

    Hi everyone, first post from newbie amateur. While reassembling my VP9, something happened with my recoil spring assembly that caused the retainer washer to pop off the end of the guide rod and the spring to shoot off. Upon examining the guide rod, it appears the washer sits inside a shallow...
  2. VP9 Shock / Vibration

    Hey Folks, So long story short, I decided about a month or so ago to rent and try a VP9. Honestly fell in love with it, and decided to replace my carry (Glock 19) with one. I ended up trading someone the Glock 19 for a lightly used VP9 (2015 build). Finally took it to the range today, and...
  3. USP Expert 9mm Recoil spring, O-ring when to replace and should i go factory or not?

    Hi guys! I am new to the forum and I have been searching for som answers on this topic but could not really find any. I own a USP expert 9mm and it has fired about 6-7k rounds of standard 124gr rounds. So now I was thinking it might be time to replace the recoil-spring and the O-ring (the...
  4. Bought a C93 pistol... recoil assembly/locking help

    Hey guys, I bought a C93 pistol, as an SBR project, it looks like the monkeys at Century used hk33 bolt carriers in them/ or modified bolt carriers from 33s. I noticed that the HK slap wouldnt always close the bolt and lock the rollers, the rod assembly feels like it doesn't have enough spring...
  5. Recoil Spring

    Hey all... Just got my first USP .40 full size. It's used... great condition... year KE (94). Had a quick question though... it currently has a free floating recoil spring. I read about how HK started using the captured spring system later in 94.... I can install the captured spring system...