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    I went out to our newly reopened range today to run my new P30sk for the first time. I brought along my P2000sk so that I could gain a fair comparison. Both are V1 9s. From the very first shot the P30sk was just right on. Perfect fit in the hand immediately. I did install a large panel for my...
    So I have been MIA for a while because of a move to Waco, TX and started a new job. Well I got a chance to hit the range and record some of my shots and so I made a little video for your pleasure. It was mainly to record any down range report from my MP5SD which I am glad to say that THERE ISN'T...
    HI ALL, MP5SD built by Ken at TPM Outfitters. I had put about 250 rounds through it at the dealers indoor range while I was waiting for the 2 tax stamps to come back. Unfortunate, I don't have the "FUN" button.... yet. (Am accepting donations BTW) It didn't get cleaned until I brought it...
1-3 of 3 Results