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  1. SCAM TAGGER - Post Known Scams Here
    Reported to the Admins but I just got scammed by @Buddie on here. Responded to my WTB a 416 barrel ad with a decent price on a AH barrel. Sent good pictures, couldn’t find them on reverse image search, and he even wrote his username down on a paper with the barrel when I asked him to. Like an...
    Regrettably it looks like I have been officially scammed by HKPro member Fishman7 for a TSC converted MP5-N ($6500) A few things that are a weird to me is that he: A) Has Positives in the HKPro feedback forum B) Appears to have positives elsewhere online (w/ a name search of Fishman7 Pompano...
1-2 of 2 Results