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  1. Atlantic Firearms
    Atlantic Arms MFG Model AA 89K 9mm Pistol. This semi auto pistol is close copy to the Famous Heckler & Koch MP5K also know as the SP89. The model was introduced in 1976 for close quarters combat and special Police protective services as a concealable source of dependable fire power. The AA 89 K...
    Can anyone tell me how to replace the buffer pad on an SP 89. The old one disintegrated like it was made of wax. I'm not sure if the Hopps Cleaner caused that but the bottom line is I have a new buffer but can't figure out how to take the assembly apart to put the new buffer in. I'm not sure if...
    Trying to get info/advice on turning SP89 to SBR by adding a Folding Choate stock and K Grip. Is this doable or would I have to change out barrel also? Know first step would be getting BATFE paperwork but exact info/steps appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results