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  1. HK Customer Service
    Thumbs up! Thanks again to Jesse and customer support for fast, professional and courteous service. I had a small polymer piece crack on a mag release. I sent a picture to Jesse and shortly afterwards a call to customer support had the new part on its way to me. Now that is professional...
  2. HK Customer Service
    Recently had two very favorable experiences with HK Customer Service. 1) HK45c backstrap was loose and making clicking sounds. Since it is a small issue, I expected HKCS to ask me to send in my old one before they sent me a replacement. When I called, they shipped one out to me right away...
    So I joined a few years back as I was doing research for my first HK purchase. The MP5SD A2 with an "S-E" pattern and contoured grip was calling my name like the sweet siren call of a harpy. So early in that spring, I fell to the Hk bug... only my hkpro membership- IT WAS A LIE! Sure I...
1-3 of 3 Results