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0-1-2-F Complete Lower Questions

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Hello HKPRO Community,

I am working with a seller to purchase a complete 0-1-2-F lower and I am told it is still in a push-pin configuration as from the factory. I would prefer to purchase just the housing since I am only trying to achieve the two round burst "look" and don't have a sear - I am in Illinois where F/A is not possible for now. As most of you know, finding a 0-1-2-F housing by itself in good shape is not very easy, so that is why I am strongly considering buying the complete lower. I have a couple questions:

1. Is it legal for me to possess the complete lower and have all the parts in the same location of other guns it would "fit"?
2. What is the value of all the parts minus the housing itself? Is this an item that I could easily re-sell? I am not interested in keeping those parts and would want to sell them upon receipt of the complete lower.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on this query.
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the 2rb grip frame by itself is not offered for sale by HK you have to find someone that has separated the internals from the grip and is just selling the grip by itself.

That is the only way you can buy it.
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