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'01 USP-45 refresh parts?

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Looks like I'll need a newer style sear catch for my 2001 USP-45 V1-to-LEM conversion. Since I have to order anyway, what other parts (springs mostly, I'd guess) should I order to refresh my 16-year old USP-45 during the conversion? I'll definitely re-spring the magazines, but what about parts for the pistol?

Thank you
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depending on how many rounds have been shot, maybe other parts to consider would be, guide rod spring, extractor spring, detent spring and trigger bar detent and spring and slide stop spring . you might wanna upgrade to the larger mag paddle release and a new spring . i have them on my USPc 45, more comfortable and easier mag drops for my fingers .

if the weapon has a low round count, then i'd probably leave the guide rod and extractor spring as is . the rest of the springs only cost a couple of dollars from H&K USA .

hope this helps you out, good luck .
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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