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10 LB recoil spring test on my tactical

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i just installed my much awaited 10 LB wolff spring on my USPt 40. i went to test it a little. i've only shot 50 rds. so far so i couldn't tell yet how big is the difference. i like the feel though. shot 200 grainers w/ 4.0 N320 behind. timed 5 of my 5 round strings.

my very own 5 round drill: 2 8x10" targets 3yds apart and a 4x4 target between them. draw from holster, 2 shots on each of the outer targets first then 1 shot to the middle 3x3" target. started alternately from left and right targets. shot from 10 yds. i cut the targets from boxes.

1) 4.29 5 hits
2) 4.06 5 hits
3) 3.43 5 hits
4) 3.44 5 hits
5) 3.51 5 hits

now wait, it just occured to me, i havent timed myself with the stock spring....
i'll update once i get more shots out of the new setup.
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I shot in a level 1 in davao city yesterday. 5 stages. I'm 1 year and a half into competition shooting, and my USP is 1 year and 3 months old. I still wouldn't qualify as "good" IMO but I did improve. I shot 75% of GM Edwin Gotamco. the light spring allowed me to shoot splits to as fast as i could pull the trigger and with a lot better consistency i think. I still got reasonably good hits, approx. 70% in the A-zone. I'd definitely recommend this recoil spring for competition use in a USP.
i have a match trigger kit hammer spring. the 10 lb recoil spring - nah..... i don't think it's going to damage a USP frame. its a 2 lb difference. stock USP40 recoil spring is 12 Lbs and the buffer spring in the end ain't soft. plus, the USP is over engineered to begin with. Lukas even went with the no buffer spring setup with a light recoil spring, and he shoots thousands of rounds. saying the gun will suffer frame damage with all but the lightest loads is like saying the USP frame is made of graham.
kabob, lighter recoil spring helps the slide go a tad faster and bottoms out the hard buffer spring present in the USP models. It makes for faster "double taps" and better sight tracking for competition style shooting.
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