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10 LB recoil spring test on my tactical

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i just installed my much awaited 10 LB wolff spring on my USPt 40. i went to test it a little. i've only shot 50 rds. so far so i couldn't tell yet how big is the difference. i like the feel though. shot 200 grainers w/ 4.0 N320 behind. timed 5 of my 5 round strings.

my very own 5 round drill: 2 8x10" targets 3yds apart and a 4x4 target between them. draw from holster, 2 shots on each of the outer targets first then 1 shot to the middle 3x3" target. started alternately from left and right targets. shot from 10 yds. i cut the targets from boxes.

1) 4.29 5 hits
2) 4.06 5 hits
3) 3.43 5 hits
4) 3.44 5 hits
5) 3.51 5 hits

now wait, it just occured to me, i havent timed myself with the stock spring....
i'll update once i get more shots out of the new setup.
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Did you mean 10 lb RECOIL spring or 10 pound HAMMER spring? If you went to a 10 pound recoil spring all but the lightest loads may damage your frame. You run the risk of frame damage with any factory loaded 40 ammo out there with that light a recoil spring.
If you meant hammer spring, well, that's different. I tried them in a bunch of my pistols years ago and went back to standard. That 10 pound hammer spring only lightened the trigger pull by 1/2 pound, measured, and I got a few fail to fire due to light strikes on some milsurp factory ammo. Hammer fall was noticeably slower also. After that I went back to stock since my uncalibrated finger could not tell the difference in pull anyway.
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