For sale (REDUCED PRICE): Complete HK 416 14.5 Upper with Geissele 14 inch handguard (Original quad, and Tango Down grip included)

I am looking to purchase a different exotic item, so need to free up some funds first. I purchased this upper in 2018 on the forum, then installed the Geissele HG myself and had a gunsmith pin and weld the comp on. The sling loop was chopped off by me to make the HG fit, and the rifle is now a legal 16" barrel. I had to use a comp as a flash hider is not legal in MA where I live.

I have shot the upper once, with less than 50 rounds of brass, it has been sitting in the vault since then.

Price includes the following:
  • Handguards
  • Tangoe down and Magpul grips
  • Overnight shipping in the US with insurance and signature
  • PP include goods and services fees, can accept Venmo or Zelle as well and lower price by 3%
$5300 including both handguards, $5000 with buyer's choice of handguards.

I am happy to send any pictures people would like to see, and open to offers...