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Ok, so I'm really getting used to the P30 and see why everyone loves their HK's. I've had mine a week or so now and have already run about 400 rounds through her with out a hitch. Handles extremely well but the trigger pull is just so stinking long. I'm having a time getting adjusted to it and it's affecting my overall accuracy as some of my shots get pulled as I start to anticipate the shot and end up pulling vs. squeezing the trigger. So, this leads to the first of my questions.

1. I've got the P30 V2 LEM, 40 s.w. Would it make sense to modify this trigger to V1 and reduce trigger pull by a couple pounds? I know this won't really shorten the pull but will give it a bit of a quicker trigger. I love the way the P30 feels and handles but have to be able to get accuracy tighter. I have been able to get a couple magazines to group within a 4 inch circle but by and large am having trouble keeping her zeroed in consistently. This also leads to my second question..

2. How many is too many? I've got a Steyr M40, an XDm .45 compact, a Llama 1911 9mm, the P30 and a DMPS AR-15. I'm also looking strongly at a Walther PPQ (very short trigger reset at .01 inches) and with all I"ve read about the HK 45, I"m getting jazzed about that as well. I see many here have numerous weapons and brands but at some point it just seems like there is a point where it's too much.....I'm not a collector, I enjoy shooting and want various quality weapons to serve various roles, CCW and home protection primarily.

I've enjoyed the quality of information from those on this sight and hope to continue to learn and grow in all things HK.
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Welcome to the forum. I'll take a shot at your questions:

1. I am a huge fan of the light LEM, and the LEM trigger in general. I would first say that this issue would most likely be solved by training with a quality instructor. Many new shooters, or those new to the LEM have the same issues that you have. The way you shoot now and what ever is causing you to pull your shots can be best diagnosed by an instructor in person. I would say without knowing you or how you shoot that if you can't run the V2 LEM, the V1 LEM might be better but you would still have the same issues. Dry firing at the range between shooting strings may be a helpful thing to do, and a ball and dummy drill could also help.

2. No one can answer this question but you and your pocket book. I personally would sacrifice the additional gun purchases for a bit until you can accomplish the training suggested in answer number one. A lot of time folks jump in so deep to new guns, that they end up with a bunch of guns and no money to shoot them or train with them.
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