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I have become a big fan of the 357 sig.

I own a USPc in 357 sig with a match grade trigger carried decocked.

Just bought a VP40 and a 357 sig barrel, the 40 barrel has never been used, got 100 357 sig round out of it yesterday with no issues, flawless, it has the HKparts net match trigger upgrade installed.

As you can see I am trigger sensitive.

So I have a full sized and a compact, I am interested in he 2000Sk but have read so many mixed posts about the trigger.

QUESTION for you experts, there is no way I can try before I buy due to my location and the lack of anyone having such a firearm in the area. I do have a Khar PM9 and really like the trigger and shoot it very well, can any of you fine people tell me if the light LEM 2000SK trigger is like a Khar, long take-up but smooth as silk with a great break point? Don't mind a long trigger as long as it's smooth and the break does not induce wiggle.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

PS: I discovered that the VP40 mags work fine in the USPc 357 which gives me one extra round in my spare for CC.
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