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Meet at Wade's in Bellevue at October 28th @ 11am (to BS, have a smoke, and buy ammo)
*Convoy leaves at 11.30am to the top of Tinkham road off I-90 (exit 48?)

No *******s.
No illegal crap.
No using up all someoone elses ammo.
No leaving litter.
No accidents or shooting off the firing line.


*Eye protection. Ear protection. Your own smokes. your own food. also bring a coat, we will be shooting at about 4000ft mountain top in Snoqualmie pass in a legal outdoor National forest shooting pit approved by WA park rangers and WASP.

*Guns. We shoot pumpkins at the annual pumpkin shoot. You can bring more that one gun. You can even bring ****ty old guns. Cool guns are encouraged. HK's are cool.

*Ammo. Enough for you, and some for the dude (or girl!) that wants to try your gun.

*Bring $30 cash. So you can chip in on ammo on someone else's gun if you want to try it. Oh, and we hit "Ken's truck town" in North bend for American food after the shoot.

*Pumpkins. Drive out the day before and buy a half ton from some farmer.


*Garbage bags

If you've never gone to the Annual Punkin' shoot. Your missing out. Its fawking awesome.


kris [email protected] or
scott @ 425-883-0928
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