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The HK Shooting Team was out in full force at the 2011 USPSA Limited/Production Nationals. Shooting team members, Jason Koon, KC Eusebio, John Rasmussen, and Bill Munier shooting in the Production division with Aaron Marco shooting in the Limited division. The Team all enjoyed top finishes within their respective classes. This is the first time that all five members of the HK Team have had the opportunity to compete together at the USPSA Nationals.

"It was great to finally see the Team in action, competing at the practical shooting's largest event of the year. This was a great opportunity for the P30L to gain some exposure in the shooting world and further prove it's capabilities," said Koon.

The HK Pro Team's next appearance will be at Georgia State IDPA Championship in Conyers, GA on October 29th. Join the Team’s Facebook and Twitter page to see practice drills and competition footage.


Group Photo_HK Team.jpg

From top left: Bill Munier, Jason Koon (HK Pro Team), Aaron Marco, KC Eusebio (HK Pro Team), John Rasmussen
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