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So, as I've done more than a few times :redface: I've picked up a gun that's the same model as one I've sold in the past, then regretted it. This time it's the H&K SFP9–my new one (date coded 2016) has a few differences (I think) from the 2015 version I owned earlier. The recoil spring is much stouter–it's now amongst the strongest of all my 9mm pistols (the P7 is about the same), whereas the previous SFP9's spring was quite light. Is it possible that H&K changed the stock spring?

The other difference is the grip texture–my previous model felt a little "slippery" to me, as did the HK45s that I've owned. The new one (even though the grip pattern itself is identical) feels "grippier" to the polymer itself is a different material (it looks "duller" to me). Am I out to lunch here or has anyone else noticed these differences? Has there been similar changes in the VP9? Or maybe this is an SFP9-only thing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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