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2015 gunsmithing pricing For hkpro menbers here are the labor prices for 2015
G3/G3k/51 from a flat $1300
custom work 91-type firearms $1,000 plus shipping
g3k type firearms $700 plus shipping 93-93k type firearms $700 plus shipping
51 type firearms $800 plus shipping
53 demilled parts kit type firearms $800 plus shipping
53 from individual parts on a premade receiver $1100 plus shipping
Pcs 53 from flats $1200 plus shipping
New Cmp32 type Firearms $1200 plus shipping (will not build on 2-13 boltheads)
PCS 35SD (300Blk) $800 plus shipping
PCS 35 OR 35SD from flat $1200 plus shipping
rebarrel of firearms $215 plus shipping without refinish.
refinish on firearms $150 plus shipping (gunkote 2400
install of paddle mags $110 plus shipping
rewelded carriers for F/A $125
custom work 51k firearms with hkparts barrel $1000 without $1300
52k firearms $1200( will not build on 2-13 boltheads)
53k fireartms with hkparts barrel $1200 without $1300
Cmp 9 40cal $1100 plus shipping
cmp 9mm . $800 plus shipping
sw5 9mm $675 plus shipping
cmp fullsize K $800 plus shipping
cmp k $1000 plus shipping
sw5k $725 plus shipping
cmpsd 9mm $1200 on lsc flats with real sd kit
if on sw/ca/rec $900 plus shipping with real sd kit
also any of the firearms can be builds as pistol or rifle or sbr..more to come guys .. theses prices are only good to hkpro members.more custom thing coming this year...fill free to call anytime ..And would like to say Thank you to all are customer in 2015for making it a Great year..
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