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51 post minimum to list here OR Premium Membership with any post count.

I. General Rules:


1. Prefix ads with:
WTS: (Want To Sell)
WTT: (Want To Trade)
Or a combination such as WTS/T: (WTS or WTT)

2. Post an asking price for your WTS item or if it is a WTT ad but you will consider selling it outright.

3. Combine WTS posts. If you are selling multiple pistols, put it all in one thread. If you have two pistols to sell, you may choose to list them in two seperate threads but that's it - 2 threads is the max.

4. Update your thread titles with "SPF" or "SOLD" when appropriate. Mods will not close SPF threads. Mods will close "SOLD" threads, but make it easy for us and members to ID by changing the title. Sellers may close their own threads too.

5. Thread bumping – see below

6. Do not delete ad content or prices. If you sold the pistol for a different price than originally listed, it’s up to you to modify the OP’s price or not, but do not delete the price entirely.

7. No links to auctions or auction style posts

8. If you are going to sell a firearm to a non-licensed out-of-state buyer, the sale must go through an FFL in the buyer's state.

If in doubt or if you need a clarification, message one of the mods.


1. Allowable comments: Potential buyers may mark the sales threads to claim the item, reply "PM sent" or to ask a relevant question.

2. Restricted comments: No random comments, price offers, miscellaneous chat or public drooling. No bickering about the price, etc. Negotiations belong in PMs. No replies that denigrate the seller or the price.

3. Items not marked SOLD or SPF may be considered as available, but use good judgement in NOT bumping older threads. If a thread is older than 12 months you must PM the seller instead of commenting in the thread.

II. Thread bumping
Sellers get one bump per FOUR (4) day period with NO exceptions.

This includes:
  • Bumps to let us know that you have replied to private messages.
  • Bumps to add pictures, more info about your item or to change your trade interests.
  • Bumps to lower the price.
You may mark the item as either SPF/Sale Pending or Sold or to answer a posted question from a potential buyer at any time.

All other bumps before the fourth day will be considered excessive and will be removed.

If you want to modify your listing in any way before your bump window, use the edit button on your original post to make changes. You can also amend the title of your thread or close it at any time.

III. Non-HK Pistols
Only post HK pistols and clones in this sub-forum. A WTT ad of non-HK for HK stuff is allowed (e.g. WTT Beretta 92 for HK USP). Want to sell a non-HK firearm? There’s a sub-forum for that here NON-HK sales sub-forum You must be a Premium Member to post a WTS here. Anyone can buy here.

IV. Guidelines for Conduct of the Sale:
The following are offered as guidelines that we recommend you follow to avoid problems.


a) Offering pistols without pictures is lazy and severely restricts the number of buyers. Offering to send pictures via email is no better. If you have trouble posting pics, ask a mod.

b) Post the condition of your pistol. New (or New Old Stock) or Used is a minimum standard to avoid buyer questions or confusion (“I thought pistol was new but it's not…”).

c) Buyers typically like to know round count, so it's helpful to provide an estimate to avoid repeated questions about round count.

d) The Seller is responsible in all instances to set the terms of the sale, to include "first I'll take it post or PM gets it." There is no priority assigned to a post versus a PM unless established by the seller. The seller should establish this in the original post. Sellers’ criteria for "winning" should be specifically and clearly stated in the first post.

e) The only person who knows which user was the first to declare "I'll take it" unequivocally is the OP.


e) Buyers create problems when they post "PM sent" and expect that post to stake a claim for the item. It doesn't. Similarly, buyers create problems when they post "I'll take it pending…” or similar qualifications. Qualified statements are not a commitment to buy and may be trumped by an unequivocal “I’ll take it.”

f) If you communicate (through any means) to the seller that you will purchase their item as advertised, your commitment becomes a contractual obligation to follow through in the eyes of this forum. Failure to do so is discussed in the Penalty section below.

V. NFA Rules & the Law on Non-Licensed Sales
Buyers on all Marketplace sub-forums must comply with the National Firearms Act (NFA) in addition to other federal, state and local laws and codes. Please review the NFA legal caution before transacting on any Marketplace sub-forum (link here: HKPRO NFA Legal Caution)

The June, 2010 ATF Federal Firearms Licensee Newsletter translated the legislation and enabling regulation on non-licensed sales into plain English:

Non-Licensed Residents of Another State:
  • May dispose of firearms to a licensed firearms dealer.
  • May Not acquire firearms OR dispose of firearms to a non-licensed individual.
  • May Not engage in the business of dealing in firearms without being licensed.

If you are going to sell a firearm to a non-licensed (i.e., not an FFL holder) out of state buyer, the sale must go through an FFL in the buyer's state.

VI. Penalties

Staff will edit or delete ads that are not prefixed with a "WTS" or "WTT".

Staff will merge sales threads that exceed the maximum of two. The site software’s merge function aligns posts in chronological order, so this merge may be disruptive to your posts.

Marketplace access may be temporarily suspended for unprofessional behavior. Repeat offenders will be appropriately notified and may lose marketplace privileges permanently or be banned.

Commitments to buying and selling are taken seriously. An offer to buy and/or a commitment to sell are irrevocable unless mutually agreed upon. When terms of sale are met, attempts to modify terms or price, opting for a local sale, going back on your word (aka crawfishing), and attempts to frame such actions as innocent mistakes will result in negative consequences for the buyer or seller in question. Such actions are likely to result in a ban from the forum.

VII. Supplemental

Forum staff and membership expect complete transparency and honesty regarding the condition of your firearm. Buyers and sellers are required to transact with the utmost degree of integrity.

Problem? Question? Something unclear? Just reach out to any of the staff. We are here to help.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your help in keeping this place HKPROfessional!
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